Monday, August 12, 2013

Harlequin to release new Gothic Romance 'Shivers' Series!

Long ago and far away (in the mid 1980's) harlequin tried their hand at a gothic romance genre.  Although I'm sure the gothic fan base was quite regular, the publishing of these books was sporadic, with a set of two or three being published per year.  After a couple of years, the whole series seemed to be scrapped, as we no longer received any further gothic books from the harlequin line.  And, although they may not have been as great as the original vintage gothics, they were reminiscent of the style, they were gothic romances and at least someone, somwhere was trying to keep the spirit of the genre alive before it slipped into literary abyss.

Harlequin tried their hand at another small gothic romance series back in 2010, a promotional series titled 'shivers.'  The Shivers series was released under the "Intrigue" line as modern-day romantic suspense books with gothic overtones (think isolated old houses, ghosts and a bit of paranormal mystery wrapped up with some romance). However, the series only included a handful of books.

Now, according to Denise Zaza (senior editor of harlequin books), fans of the gothic romance genre who have feared it's a dying art have much to be excited for, as harlequin recently called for gothic romance submissions for a Harlequin E Shivers series that is to be released very soon!  According to the Paranormal Romance Blog, the first book of the series Darkening Around Me by Barbara Hancock will be the first e shivers book available and it is 'coming soon!'

There's not much clarification yet if the Shiver books are to have consistent monthly releases (as many of the other harlequin lines do) or if it will merely be another short series.  Though the fact that it's being referred to as the 'e shivers' series might suggest the books will only be available in ebook format. 

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