Thursday, August 15, 2013

'She Walks the Shore' by Lisa Greer

Published:  2012
Setting:  Canada, Modern Day


Marisol Huff is already at her wits end with an abusive ex boyfriend who insists on stalking her so when the father she's never known shows up at her front door (literally) she can't help but agree when he offers her to visit his estate in Canada.

100 Mile house is nestled deep in the Canadian woods, and Marisol feels there would definitely be enough peace and quiet, and perhaps some inspiration, for her writing.  However, she may end up with more mysterious motivation than she'd bargained for!  Not only is the closest neighboring house rumored to be filled with a dangerous cult of new age hippies, but the surrounding woods are haunted by their own mysterious disappearance of a woman in white.

Soon, Marisol is seeing visions of the ghostly woman in white and is involved with a cult leader Sylvan Hill as well as the quiet, troubled Tom Fraser whose wife recently ran out on him for another man...or did she?  Sooner or later, Marisol will find her way to the bottom of the mysterious ghost in white, and may also find her own untimely death!

I really enjoyed this book.  Although it is a short novella (I read it on my kindle app for ipod touch), it was engrossing and really held my attention.  I read it in one setting.

Light, enjoyable reading and highly recommend!

Rating:  5 stars

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