Friday, August 23, 2013

"The Crying Winds" by J.H. Rhodes

Published:  1980
Setting:  Modern Day, USA

In an attempt to prove her independence and ability to take care of herself, spoiled college sophomore Lori Hudson agrees to spend her summer break as an employee to her Aunt Hannah.  The only catch is that Lori has never met her Aunt Hannah, nor does she look forward to spending a whole summer in an old Hotel in the middle of the New Mexico desert.  

Upon arrival, Lori finds Aunt Hannah a bit unwelcoming and the guests all seem a bit odd and out of place at the hotel.  The terror begins that night as Lori unpacks and a ghastly, otherworldly face appears in her bedroom window.  With her aunt Hannah behaving so rudely and with the unfriendliness and theatrics she finds in the guests and their talk of buried treasure at the nearby abandoned Indian pueblos, the mystery only deepens.

Soon Annie finds herself face to face with old legends come alive, lies, and deadly imposters in the darkness.  Her only ally in this mess is a photographer, Rex, who seems to be distracted by his own personal affairs.

Overall, this was a pretty good read.  The setting was eerily set with the abandoned Indian pueblos and the mysterious guests.  The main character finds herself barely escaping many perilous situations.  The storyline was full of suspense and quickly moving with a plot that is hard to untangle until the final pages.  I definitely was left guessing until the author revealed the culprits and the main character finally resolved the mystery. 

Enjoyed this book and recommend to those who enjoy the old vintage gothics!
Rating:  4.5 Stars

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