Wednesday, August 7, 2013

'The Scream in the Storm' by Caroline Farr
Published: 1975
Setting:  New England, Modern Day


Penniless and alone upon the death of her beloved mother, Gwefena Carnarvon readily accepts a job as the secretary to famous author Margaret Manan.  However, the peaceful seaside atmosphere at Fiddler’s Tower is anything but a vacation as Margaret is forced to walk in a blinding fog on a path that borders the edge of deadly cliffs, alone in the dark, her only hope for help shattered by a mad elderly man who called her by the name of a dead woman and wished her back into her grave.

However, the dark mystery and air of hostility only becomes more impenetrable when Gwefena does arrive at the grand old rambling mansion on the cliffs, for none but Margaret seem happy to have her.  The mysteries and fear deepen as a mad old man is found dead, struck to his death by a metal rod and sent spiraling over the deadly cliffs only minutes after Gwefena’s acquaintance.  Not only does she bear a resemblance to a long dead girl, but it seems Margaret’s relatives are intent upon scaring her away, even in the most subtle of ways.

This novel is wrought in mystery, secret passages, locked rooms, cobweb-ridden shrines to a long-dead girl, and murder with a little dash of romance for good measure.  I have to admit I was guessing who the culprit was for quite a while before the evidence became obvious towards action-filled end!

Gothic romance fans will not be disappointed with this read!

Rating:  4 Stars

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