Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Two Faces of Fear by Julie Welsley 
Published:  1971
Setting:  England, Modern Day


Her new job became a nightmare, seemingly, as soon as Mary James stepped foot onto the wilderness that would ultimately lead her into Seacliff House.  On her own, with no relatives or prior relationships to speak of, Mary has taken a job in the outskirts of a tiny seaside village in the crumbling mansion as a nurse to Gerald Winchley.  Her high hopes of rest and relaxation from the bustling London soon turns to terror when ghostly apparitions appear in the night, she narrowly escapes death, dodges jealous lovers, and merely eludes double-crossed criminals, witnesses buried treasure, and, in finality, murder.  Thankfully, Mary has managed to establish at least a few good friendships, but will her friends arrive in time to save her from the ultimate peril?

This book offers a lot in the way of mystery.  The setting is creepy, from the beginning, and draws the reader into the unraveling of a horror story right from the start.  With a dash or romance here and there, I felt this made for an excellent read.  I will admit that although it was apparent the blossoming romance, the reader is left to wonder and eagerly await the climax that will bring about the truth of Gerald Winchley, as we never know the details of his criminal mischief, and how Mary will survive so many assailants who wish her dead, until the very end.

I would recommend this read.

Rating:  4 Stars

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