Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 40 of Halloween: Home Decor Idea, Candle Jars

If you enjoy decorating for Halloween and don't want to dish out for the ridiculous prices for decorations on the store shelves, make some of your own!

It's quite simple to create your own halloween-themed candles.  Below are some very simple decorating ideas for creating your own halloween candles.


Enjoy carved pumpkins, but don't want to deal with the mess?  Get your self some mason jars instead.  You can paint them with acrylic paint.  Thin your paint out with a little bit of water, then paint your jar in the desired color.  Begin with the background colors, then paint the faces next.  Make sure you allow the first layer of paint on the background to dry before paining on the face, otherwise your paint might peel.  Once all the paint is dry, put a tea light or a small  candle inside, and you're done!

I love this idea too, it's probably my favorite as I've already done this to several candles in my own home.  Take a decorative container, a candle sconce, even a clear drinking glass or mason jar, or you can even take the idea in the picture described and use a decorative planter....fill it full of candy corn, place your candle in the middle, and there you go!  To jazz it up a bit, try tying a ribbon around it to complete the look!

This is also a very simple idea.  Take a regular candle already in it's clear container (most candles can be purchased this way for cheap).  Decorate the outside with halloween stickers, or cut out some scrapbooking or collage pictures (like above) and you can make some very cute halloween decorations for little cost!

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