Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 45 of Halloween: Virtual Haunted Houses





I have scoured the internet to bring you only the most creepy, gothic, haunted, and fun virtual (and sometimes even animated) haunted houses across the net.

Below are my favorite 21 (not in any particular order...they are all good!) virtual haunts. 

So, turn the lights off, turn the volume up, and have a nice little scarefest at no expense...well, except your own ;)

1.  The Chancery House
2.  The Virginia Verela
3.  Indigo
4.  Haunted House
5.  Hood Mansion
6.  Haunted Mansion
7.  Carnival of Terror
8.  Fright Bytes House
9.  The  Haunted Asylum
10.  The Haunted Inn
11.  Halloween Is Here
12.  Trespauze Manor
13.  Legault's Castle of Horror
14.  Jans' Courtyard and Haunted Mansion
15.  The Haunted Mansion
16.  Dellacroix Haunted House
17.  Meddybemps Ghost Walk (very children friendly!)
18.  Virtual Haunted House Project (video/slide show)
19.  Virtual Haunted House Video
20.  Virtual Amityville SlideShow
21.  Cromwell Mansion

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