Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Introducing...Gothic Romance Review's First "45 Days of Halloween" Blog Bash!!!

Gothic Romance Reviews has been up and running for several months now.  In addition to meeting some wonderful authors (already), I have several more interviews and many additional book reviews coming this month.

Halloween is always a gala event in my household, particularly with a horror genre junkie such as myself and a six year old who adores decorations and pumpkins.  Thus, I decided to extend the tradition to my beloved blog for fellow enthusiasts of the season.

I have 45 days of awesome halloween-gothic related goodies coming your way in daily dosages!

I have over 16 topic-related book reviews of gothic type ghost stories, collections of gothic stories as well as gothic romances about ghosts and hauntings.  I have also included some lovely classic gothic literature and many halloween craft how-to's.  And let's not forget the grand finale...a wonderful give away of some great gothic reads, so you'll want to check back and get your name in the drawing for that!!

If you are a gothic romance fan who also endures to the Halloween traditions, I can certainly promise you an entertaining, thrilling, fun 45 days of Halloween!

Remember to check back every afternoon for the latest post!  And please do spread the word...let's make this a blog bash everyone can partake in!    

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