Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 11 of Halloween: Gothic Romance Poetry, "The Bloody Princess"


The door opens
And I see your blood stained figure
There is a wicked cruel smile on your face
In your right hand is the head of my mistress
I can't believe what I am seeing
The world is spinning in my head
"My God what have you done?"
"Your lover is no more
"You are all mine - take it or leave it!"
"Are you crazy?
"I might be - but I am still your wife"
"If you think we still have a relationship you are more crazy than I thought"
"Love makes for strange bedfellows my dear
"There was a time when you loved me
"But you traded me in for a younger model
"Men and their sense of virility
"They just can't accept they are getting old
"Get over it my dear
"It is me or nobody"
"You're are going to prison for a long time my love"
"Thank you for your concern
"I guess reconciliation is out of the question
"You really are crazy"
"You said it my dear"
And with that she lunges at me
And stabs me with the knife
"What have you done?
"Just sorting out unfinished business"
"You’re not the only one with admirers you know"
"If you don't want me there are plenty of attractive men who would die to sleep with me"
"You may be the prince but there are pretenders to the throne"
"It has been nice knowing you my dear - may you rot in hell!"
"I still have work to do here on planet earth"
"Farewell my love and give my greetings to the devil when you meet him"
"And that you certainly will"
The bloody princess looked down at her husband as he crawled along the ground
"You are a pitiful sight"
"You didn't appreciate what a good thing you had"
"And now you have nothing"
"Greet death with a smile"
The bloody princess called on her servants and they disposed of the bodies
Soon she married another young prince
Who had land and a powerful army
She reigned for a further fifty years
And was both feared and respected by all those who knew her
And as for those who did not respect her
They all met with an untimely death
"Don't mess with the bloody princess!"
That was her last remark on her deathbed
Her husband was sad to lose his wife
He knew of her past deeds
But loved her dearly
He respected her courage and bravery
And was always stunned by her beauty
Her death was quiet and peaceful
All her enemies were long dead
Her reputation echoed down the centuries
And the acts of the bloody princess were recorded in books
And told over and over again
I imagine she looks down on her descendants and smiles
"Live life to the maximum and never allow anyone to cheat or deceive you"
"Be courageous and never hide from your enemy"
"My life was full of love and betrayal"
"But in the end I found someone who loved and respected me"
"Never settle for second best"
The blood y princess passed into history
But her legacy still lives on.

**Poem came from The Haunted House, drop by for more literature by gothic fans!.

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