Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 29 of Halloween: 'Favorite Scary Stories of American Children' By Richard & Judy Dockrey Young
Before I really get into the review, I’d like to say that this book was written by professional story-tellers and the book, itself, was written specifically as a guidepost for those who tell stories aloud.  I’m thinking in classroom settings, perhaps sleepovers or Halloween celebrations for kids.

However, the book isn’t one chalked full of terribly scary or twisted themes.  I think probably because the book was aimed more for children than adults, which is probably why I got really bored with reading some stories, and a few were even bordering on silly and/or comical. 

The book has some great pencil illustrations that go quite well with each story.  There are approximately 22 tales, some I’ve heard over and over again (Bloody Mary, for example).  Though if you are looking for some light-hearted fun to share with your kids or grandkids (without giving them nightmares) this would be an excellent book.

However, I wasn’t that crazy about this one…

Rating:  3 Stars

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