Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 31 of Halloween: Greeting Cards!

Greeting cards are a fun and simple way to celebrate any holiday.  I always love to collect (or make them) and cover them on one of my doors.  You can also clip them to a tree, or create your own little greeting card tree.  Or collect them in a scrapbook, or across a mantel in your home.  Maybe you want to cover your fridge in them?  Whatever your venue for displaying them, they are quite easy to make!

Think of greeting cards as just little pieces of collage art.  If you've ever dabbled in collage art or ATC's, you should have no trouble at all in making some of your own Halloween greeting cards.  If not, below are some pointers:

Materials:  basically any kind of crafting supplies, particularly in paper crafting!  Things like glue sticks, a glue gun or elmers glue-all (which is my favorite for gluing larger things).  Markers, ink pens, collage paper, stickers, gems, brads, charms, buttons.  You definitely need to find some good quality halloween images.  So do that google search for free halloween collage sheets and pick out some of your favorites to print!

After you have your materials gathered, just begin arranging the art on the front of your card.  If you need help on where to put what, try searching 'greeting card layouts' or 'greeting card templates' on google for some design ideas.

Below are some cute greeting cards I found in my own inspirational search of the web:

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