Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 32 of Halloween: Decrative Halloween Treats

These are great ideas for halloween parties and celebrations as well as little treats for school kids on Halloween.

1.  Sucker Spiders

 Materials:  large suckers, wired pipe cleaners, cotton puffs, googly eyes
Of course you're going to need glue and scissors.

What to do:  first cut the piper cleaners into four smaller pieces, wrap them around the sucker (try to stay on the paper so they'll have something to grab onto).  Next glue on the cotton puff at the top of the sucker for the spider head.  Then glue on the googly eyes last!

2.  Candy bar mummies

Materials: candy bars (large or small, but preferably flat ones like kit cats and hershey bars), toilet paper, tape, and googly eyes

What to do:  completely wrap the candy bars in toilet paper, securing it in place with tape on the back when finished, then glue on the googly eyes.  Simple!

3.  Sucker Ghosts

Materials:  suckers, paper towels cut in halves, black or orange ribbon, black marker

What to do:  take the paper towel and wrap the center around the sucker, tie a small piece of ribbon around the bottom of the sucker where the left over paper towel hangs, draw a face and eyes on the sucker with the marker.

Have fun and happy eating!

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