Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 33: Make A Halloween Shadow Box

If you love decorating and enjoy crafts (or maybe just want to try your hand at it), a great way to practice (and make fun things) is with shadow boxes.

A shadow box is really just a small box (or a square frame) that holds a piece of collage or mixed-media art.

In order to make a shadow box, some simple things to use are:

-a shoe box, shoe box lid, or a picture frame for your box
-scrap booking paper
-scrapbook supplies like collage sheets, bards, decorative stickers, ribbon, buttons, coins, gems
-things that will give your shadow box a 3D feeling, such as charms, small dolls or dollhouse objects
-basic supplies like gluestick, elmers glue-all for the bigger objects, and scissors 

You simply begin from the bottom up, decorate the box first and the background.  Collect the objects you want to use on your shadow box.  Then assemble it the way you'd like and begin gluing the pieces on!

See below for some fine examples, and have fun creating your own Halloween shadow box!  You can pack it away and pull it out for decoration every year!  This is also a great crafting idea for kids.

If you need some ideas or halloween collage sheets/images try doing a google search for 'free halloween collage sheets.'  I did this and turned up literally hundreds of free images to save and print!

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