Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 34 of Halloween: Burlap Pumpkins!

This is a really cheap decorating idea I found via a google search for how to make your own pumpkins..without the mess of an actual, real pumpkin.

What you Need:

-A roll of toilet paper, preferably one more round.  Try a Charmin two-ply double roll for a more pumpkin-ish look!
-Something to wrap your pumpkin (toilet paper).  I actually used a few sunflower place settings from an old set I used to use on my kitchen table.  But you can use a piece of table cloth, actual burlap, or even cut up a sweater or another piece of fall-colored decorative  cloth. 
-Something to stuff inside the pumpkin.  Try some twigs from outside, or some fake sunflowers or leaves.  I clipped a few sunflowers from an artificial bouquet I had on my kitchen table.

What to do:

-Sit the toilet paper in the middle of your cloth (or whatever you're using to wrap it with). 
-Wrap it up and stuff the left-over ends into the top of the toilet paper
-Stuff the twigs/flowers into the hole

Another creative way is to squish some wrapping or tissue paper into a ball, place in a large bowl, then wrap and tie!

Now you can wrap your own pumpkins without needing anything but some toilet paper and some leftover household items!

Refer to the pictures below for some ideas and examples:

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