Monday, December 30, 2013

'Fatal Inheritance' by Sandra Orchard

Published:  2013
Setting:  Modern Day

When Becki Graw learns of the tragic deaths of her grandparents’ accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, the news comes with a hidden blessing.  Knowing how she loved their house in the country so, her grandparents have left her their beautiful country house and their classic show car.  However, Becki’s homecoming is anything but welcoming.  A series of attacks are made on her life, and someone is hell-bent on vandalizing her property.  Thankfully her old childhood friend-turned-sheriff, Joshua Rayne, lives right next door.  However, as the days pass and Joshua keeps a close eye on Becki, rescuing her from one attack or another, could it be that his feelings indicate he sees himself as more than just a brother figure in her life? 

Becki doesn’t have much time to ponder on her blossoming relationship with Joshua, if you could call it that at all, shes too busy dealing with the mystery of stolen jewels….found in her grandparents’ own house....then there’s the constant attacks and harassment, could it be from her sister who desperately needs money fro m the sale of the country house or perhaps it is her sniveling ex boyfriend from the city who is making a habit of showing up unannounced. 

Tragedy and near-death escapes plague Becki until the grand finale showdown at a glitzy ball, but will it be too late by the time the secrets of her pepetrator are revealed?  She might end up losing everything…

The book read fairly quickly and there was enough suspense to keep a decent flow.  If you enjoy romance novels with a little bit of mystery, I’d recommend this read.  However, it doesn’t have much gothic-related overtones, other than the country house in an isolated area. 

Rating:  4.0

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