Sunday, January 5, 2014

'Fear Island' by J.H. Rhodes

Published: 1981
Setting:  Modern Day

When Heather Dane answers an ad in a newspaper, she’s more than happy to accept a position on private Dameron Island as typist and secretary to the wealthy Amelia Dameron.  Aside from her aunt, Heather has no money to speak of and welcomes a job outside the tiny town she currently resides.  However, Heather doesn’t exactly get a warm welcoming from the inhabitants of the island.  Though Amelia is friendly enough, her free loading son Byron seems a little less than excited about Heather’s position, and their temporary guest, Fiona Anders, is downright hostile.   Does Fiona have something to hide, or is she merely jealous of Heather?

As if her nerves weren’t already on end, Heather is plagued by one frightening event after another.  First she is awakened from sleep and shoved in the dark, accompanied by  warning to go away.  Days later she is chased blindly through a wooded path in the forest by an unknown assailant, and while forced to seek safety in the cabin of handsome Scott Jordan, the dark intruder stalks her from the outside.  When the cook goes missing and Amelia almost dies, Heather goes looking in the dark of the night for evidence. 

Will she survive to solve a deadly mystery and realize the romance between she and Scott, or will Heather eventually succumb to an unfortunately organized accident in the rambling mansion by the sea?

This was a fast paced read.  Like most Avalon romances, the story wasn’t quite so deep but there were enough subplots to keep things moving along.  Really enjoyed the book and would recommend for gothic romance fans who are looking for a light, enjoyable mystery!

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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