Thursday, January 9, 2014

'Menace Under the Mistletoe' by Lisa Greer

Published: 2012
Setting:  Modern Day

Lambert is a successful lawyer, and on the outside you would think she has everything together, but she doesn't.  The dark secret she hides is bulimia and she's hoping that spending the holidays with her aunt Moonie is just the break she needs to put an end to this devastating cycle.

Lambert is a little less than excited to be spending Christmas at an old estate nestled in the back hills of Tennessee, but when her mother says this might be aunt Moonie's last holiday, she can't say no.  Upon her arrival, she's a little irritated to realize that there are two other guests Monthaus:  Rochester, a psychiatrist (who makes her more nervous than she cares to say) and Deveron, a self-proclaimed medium who is guiding aunt Moonie in search of the spirits who will take her home when she departs.

At first things are calm, Lambert reads to aunt Moonie every evening, manages to hide her eating disorder, and even gets into a festive mood with Christmas decorations.  But when a snowstorm hits and everyone gets snowed in at the old house things go awry.  Mysterious chills evade the air and ghosts go bump in the night.  Is Lambert losing her mind, or are these things real?  Will Rochester figure out her inner struggles?  And when people end up not being who they seem, who will fall victim to a maniac who is out to get Aunt Moonie's inheritance?

This was a lovely Christmas gothic that I devoured in one sitting.  The characters are well developed for a short novella and the romance is a sweet observation.  I really enjoyed the story and my only complaint is, I wish it had been a full-length gothic because I definitely could have kept reading!

Another great read from a contemporary gothic romance author that I hope to read more of!  Highly recommend!

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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