Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'Taken In' by Jane Toombs

Published:  2012
Setting:  Modern Day

After dating one too many losers, Gail Sarandon finds herself running for her life, literally.  Recently stalked by an ex drug dealer, Gail unwillingly witnesses his murder and is spotted by the hit man.  In a race to save her own life, she rents a car, skips town, and is staying in a rundown motel when FBI Agent Jason Tregarth rescues her from the pursuit of a killer who is hot on her heels.

However, as they meander the back road of a small town in hopes of losing their pursuer, a storm brews on the horizon and Jason suddenly loses control of the vehicle.  Realizing the car is on fire and Jason is injured, Gail manages to pull them both from the wreckage before a final explosion destroys their only chance of escaping a killer.

Desperate for shelter, and in need of medical attention, Jason and Gail stumble along the wooded country until they find  a beautiful, rambling house deemed 'Dagon House.'  Although the old house and it's eccentric inhabits offer a bit of shelter from the storm, it also harbors it's own mysterious danger.  And while Gail is busy unraveling the secrets of Dagon House, a dangerous murderer is closing in for his final kill.

Will Gail and Jason make it out of Dagon House alive or will the evil within claim it's next victim?

This was a really great short novella.  In addition to the suspense that revolves around Gail and Jason, there is also an undercurrent of danger and secrets from the house, itself, as well as the current inhabitants.  An old house, ghosts, dangerous secrets, and a classic murder story make for wonderful reading.  Totally recommend Toombs!

Rating:  5 Stars

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