Saturday, March 29, 2014

The 'Open Library' and Other Gothic Romance Updates


Today was a cold, rainy, dark day here in my parts so I took some time to go to the library...the open library that is (ha).  I've had an account there for probably about a year now and have slowly been weeding through as many gothic romance writers as I can find on the site.  Today I added probably 20 new titles (haven't searched since October) and now have a grand total of 467 reads!  Yes, my dears, that is 467 gothic romance ebooks free to read as long as you make an account!  You can find my list here, I think you probably have to make an account and sign in before it will show up properly.  And did I mention that the account, all the features of the open library, are completely FREE?

If you haven't had the chance yet to check out the site (or have never heard of it) now's the time and it's more than worth the effort. The books can be downloaded in pdf format, or epub, and I think you can even read most of them straight from your browser.  The whole library is really a treasure trove of vintage, hard to find titles.  I also saw some more contemporary titles during my search.  So, go make an account and check out my list, I'm sure you'll find more than a few good reads!

Some other great book/reading sites I have found are Goodreads and Library Thing.  Both sites offer groups, the chance to list your library/books read and Library Thing actually has a monthly 'early reviewer' giveaway so it's quite possible (and easy) to get free copies of new releases.


Upcoming Reviews

I know I have an 'upcoming reviews' section to the right, but I've usually only been adding requested book reviews or new releases to it.  As you probably already know by this blog, my gothic romance library is huge (and growing).  In addition to reviewing all the great vintage books, I've found an astounding number of really great gothics on Amazon too.

Today I took a little time to compile my list of upcoming books to review, so below you'll find what I plan on reading/reviewing in the coming month or so:

The House of Elnora Garland by Wanda Luttrell (1971)
A Haunted Place by Virginia Coffman (1968)
The Dark Summer by Nancy Buckingham (1968)
Dark Cypress by Edwina Noone (1965)
Cries in the Mist by Stacy Coverstone (2012)
Shadow on the Floor by Jane Toomb (2012)
Castle of Dark Shadows by Patty G. Henderson (2012)

You also don't want to miss my raving review of Darkening Around Me and an interview with best-selling author Barbara J. Hancock coming in early April!

Short Novella Series

As you've probably noticed before, I have had an open call for anyone who wishes to contribute short gothic stories to the blog.  Recently I received a story I really enjoyed, and I've also been working on a project of my own.

Therefore, in coming weeks I will be featuring a short story which will be a 5- post series from a reader of the blog and writer/contributor we shall call 'Bonnie."  As quoted from Bonnie, 'The story surrounds the love-story of Martha and Thomas Jefferson, more specifically centered on the weeks following Martha's death, as Thomas Jefferson attempts to recover from her loss, in the midst of extreme grief and contains many gothic elements and a haunting account of love and loss.'

In late Spring I will be sharing my own work-in-progress gothic romance as a multiple-post series.  I am a poet by trade, and a psychologist, so it's been quite challenging to write a full-length novella.  I actually began writing the book as a challenge for Nanowrimo and  it will be available exclusively on Gothic Romance Reviews chapter-by-chapter, so I hope you'll come back often as I'd love the feedback and support!

New Bi-Weekly Posts

Coming soon, you'll find two new elements to the blog.  They will both be bi-weekly posts.  1)  Daring Damsels:  A post about a strong, daring female protagonist from a gothic romance book.  We'll explore the characterization of this damsel, which book she came from, and a short summary.  2)  Reading Radar:  A post that will include new releases and promo/free books that I've found so that you can go grab them too!

I think this about wraps up everything I had in mind.  Please continue visiting and sharing the blog with fellow friends/readers of the genre.  I keep this blog for others who enjoy this rare genre, as well as for my own enjoyment.  :)

Happy Reading!

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