Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Round-Up Wednesday

Okay, folks.  I don't do these as often as I'd like (sometimes I'm really not working on a lot of Gothic-related material so I don't have a lot to share), but here goes.

What I'm Reading & Upcoming Reviews:

I'm reading three books at the moment (I like a little variety in my reading!)

1)  Green Shadows by Lucille Vernon Stevens
2)  I Came to a Castle by Velda Johnston
3)  The Wrath by Kristina Schram

You can also expect a lovely interview with Kristina Schram, as she was kind enough to oblige to an interview for the blog.

What I'm Watching:

I recently had a film-maker (yes, gasp!) inquire as to whether I'd enjoy reviewing his Gothic Romance film.  I have watched it and am working on the review.  He's also agreed to an interview, for which I'm also working on putting that together.

I'm really excited about this, I haven't yet had the opportunity to interview one who partakes in playwrights or film, so this will be new and hopefully we can learn something too.

I don't want to disclose the site/person just yet...I want first dibs on this review, and I like giving my readers a little bit of a surprise every now and then!

I'm also about to relax to a few movies on Netflix this morning (going to steal some 'me-time' while I can) and I might possibly review a good gothic-themed movie sometime this week.

Other News:

I added quite a few more gothic titltes to the Open Library Gothic book list.  Now we have almost 800 free gothic ebooks to choose from!

I also had someone recently ask me to review some Dorothy Daniels books, so those are next on my TBR list.  Also, I write this blog not just for my own enjoyment but for readers and fans of gothic romance as well.  So PLEASE if there is a review you'd like to see, or an author you'd like to see more of, leave me a comment or shoot me an email.  I'd be more than happy to give you the review(s) you're looking for if I can find the titles!

I know I get quite a few hits, I'd like to see more comments and interaction, please, from those of you who do enjoy visiting.  I like to hear your thoughts, too!  Let me know what you like and dislike, and how I'm doing.

I'm still strumming away at my own Gothic Romance novella House of Hollow Wind.  Tread gently while reading, what I'm posting is the very first draft as I go.  I plan to polish it all up and sell it on Amazon once I'm done, so read it here while it's free and let me know what you think!

You can also expect some V.C. Andrews reviews and other related posts coming very soon.  I once had an online VCA web-ring.  I have read all her books (except the last four or so series) so I'll be dedicating a little area of this blog to my favorite author of all-time as I post things from my beloved VCA site that I took down back in 2010.

I think that 'rounds' things up.  I wish you all happy reading and writing.
Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday, for those of you who celebrate!

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