Friday, January 2, 2015

Ode to Vintage Gothic Romance Novels (A Poem)

The girls on the covers
are always running,
feet sometimes bare,
bodies barely covered
and young as summer's first fruit,
lips the color of raspberries
hanging on pale faces,
hands flailing, swimming an atmosphere
where the sky drops moon shadows.
The cliffs are steep,
rising in the background
they are enormous as faces
of giants in war with midnight,
each jagged rock a foothold
to catch a damsel or drop her
to a spinning death of ocean beams
and the shark's quick bite,
a sickening swirl where
the sky eats the sea, and the sea
steals a girl still fresh
of the late sixties,
of Jimmy Hendrix and night club drums,
of flowered shirts and red mini skirts.
Girls who've never fully touched boys,
not even in all those cornered rooms
in dark, sprawling castles.
Castles in Cambodia and the Caribbean,
some isolated stretch of dunes
near a star-studded Atlantic
or a ram shackled old house in Haiti
where each hinge squeak shuts in
yet another secret
for all the lonely ghosts to whisper.

(Poem Written by Stacy Lynn Mar, Vintage artwork derived from a Google Search)

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