Saturday, January 3, 2015

Off My Shelf: 4 Titles by Dorothy Eden

Since I have quite a few titles by Dorothy Eden, I thought I'd share a few of those this week.

Listen to Danger was published in 1957:

Back Cover Synopsis:

In the shadows of the night, a veiled woman lurked in the garden, staring at the house, watching, waiting...

It all started with a mysterious telephone call that plunged Harriet Lacey into a suffocating atmosphere of terror.  With no one to help her, she was forced to turn to Flynn, the brilliant and bitter writer, whose past was already interwoven with hers in a tapestry of sudden death.

It was an odd assortment of people who lived in the narrow brick house.  Aloof, wary, they hugged their secrets to themselves.  But one of them was a prowler in the dark, bent on destroying Harriet and everything she held dear...

The Laughing Ghost was published in 1968:

Back Cover Synopsis:

Old Lynnford Carstairs knew his time was running out; knew he had to provide for his headstrong niece, Felicity; knew that only the fear of losing the Carstairs manor house would bring her to her senses.  And so he tracked down Lynn Carstairs, son of a distant branch of the family, and left everything to him and Felicity- with the provision that they marry within the year.

Lynn's arrival at the Carstairs couldn't have been more poorly timed for Kiffin Pope, master criminal, for the tortuous tunnels under the house were being used to smuggle a priceless stolen necklace out of England.

That Felicity and Lynn should stumble on the operation was inevitable; but it also seemed inevitable; but it also seemed inevitable that they, like the ancient ancestress who was said to haunt the estate, would perish slowly and painfully in the Stygian blackness of the underground caverns...

I honestly wasn't sold too well on this one until I got toward the end of that description....who can resist a set of haunted, eerie caverns??

Crow Hollow was published in 1967:

Back Cover Synopsis:

An eerie old house named for the harsh voiced birds bound up with its past...

The aunts, three old ladies just this side of insanity...

The servant girl, treated with more deference than the new wife of the master...

This is what Rodney brought his bride home to.  With growing fear Lois realized that she knew little of Rodney's past- who was Willow, she wondered, the family maid- beautiful, demanding, familiar, no more a maid than Lois herself?

Rodney's three Aunts were kind, but Lois sensed their hostility, their resentment- their menace?- for someone at Crow Hollow was determined to get rid of her, dead or alive.

And Rodney, her own husband, could not- or would not?- believe that his wife was in danger...

The Pretty Ones was published in 1957 (Mine says 'First American Edition' in the lower right-hand corner, though I'm unsure if this means I have an original first in print American edition or what):

Back Cover Synopsis:

Shadows behind shadows; wheels within wheels.  This was Courtlands, Emma's new home...

It seemed that nothing could upset the joys of marriage for beautiful Emma Court, even though she knew little about the past of the man she had met and married in a matter of weeks.

Then she began to hear unpleasant rumors- that Barnaby's first wife disappeared under sinister circumstances; that no one actually knew what happened to the two pretty governesses who ran away without cause or explanation.

Emma trusted Barnaby enough not to ask questions, but when a pathetic, lonely grave turned up in the field behind Courtlands, her loyalty to her brooding, secretive husband gave way to hard, cold fear...

Looks as if there's plenty of haunted brides and doomed heiresses in this batch of reading!

Dorothy Eden is a story teller of rare distinction who 'should easily satisfy the same readers who made a best-seller out of Victoria Holt.'  -New York Times

"Miss Eden's particular talent is to blend the horrid and the cosy."  -London Times

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