Saturday, January 17, 2015

Off My Shelf: The Wyndspelle Series

This is one of the only gothic vintage series I own, aside from the Dark Shadows books.  I'm happy I was able to find all three books on ebay at the same time.

I thought they were rather interesting, as the primary plot surrounds the suspicion of witchery.

The series was written by Aola Vandergriff, who wrote the Daughters series.

Wyndespelle, published in 1975.

"The first romance in a dark pageant of mystery from a house as haunted as Wuthering Heights."

Back Cover Synopsis:

Wyndspelle...sanctuary or house of Satan?

The rocks tore Adria's bare feet as she climbed the forbidding crag to Wyndspelle.  Only here would Adria find haven, safety from the Puritans ready to burn her as a witch.  She opened the great door to shelter and life, and looked upon death.

Wyndspelle's mistress lay upon a candlelit bier, cold and still.  Adria could remain here, if she consented to become the new wife of the blind man with the scarred face and soul, the master of Wyndspelle.

The Bell Tower of Wyndspelle, published in 1975

Back Cover Synopsis:

To whom must Caryn be true-

the king of England or the Master of Wyndspelle?  Was her first duty to the King and the British soldiers quartered in her home?  Or to her husband whose revolutionary band plotted against England?  Her husband had saved her life, had married her despite her loyalist sympathies. 

Could she betray him now?  Caryn must choose.  Upon her words hung many men's lives.

Wyndespelle's Child, published 1976

Back Cover Synopsis:

To the house of secret sorrows...

to Wyndspelle, from far-off Scotland, Megan came to care for a haunted, invalid child with no will to remember, to speak of to love.  Whisperers said that the little girl was possessed, that she had set the fire that killed her mother.  Others said it was her father who had done the deed.

Yet, in this desolate manor where no flowers bloom, Megan finds love blossoming in her heart for the two the world condemns- for the child and for the tormented master of Wyndspelle.

The series sounds to be quite historical, with a ring of horror.  The storyline reminds me of the Salem witch trials.  I'm looking forward to reading these!

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