Monday, January 19, 2015

UPDATE: House of Hollow Wind, A Novella

I just wanted to update, briefly, on the work of my first gothic romance novella, titled House of Hollow Wind.

As you've noticed, I haven't updated a new installment in some time.

I have decided to devote my time to completing the novel privately, rather than posting each installment as I write it.

I'm continuing to work on the novella and also am proofing the first four chapters, for which I've posted here at the blog.

I will be keeping them up for the reading pleasure of anyone who wishes to read the beginning of the book.

However, once I have completed the book and it has been published, I will offer a link to the page where it can be purchased in full.

I still welcome your thoughts and reflections on my novella, if you so wish to email me.

Thanks, always, for reading!

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