Tuesday, February 3, 2015

'The Secret of Greystone Hall' by Elizabeth Wilde

Published:  2014
Setting:  Modern Day

...a restless wind stirred through the Birch trees that lined the estate.  The pasture and the courtyard far beyond were lost in complete blackness; a solitary post lamp at the edge of the courtyard was her only light, and it served as a welcome beacon in a sea of darkness.  As long as she kept her eyes on the tiny light, she would make her way safely, but still, she wished now that she had allowed Rayne to drive her home...

It was when the wind in the trees suddenly died that she heard the footsteps rapidly approaching her from behind.  She turned to see who was there, but she could not make anything out in the darkness.  She picked up her pace, but the footsteps came on faster.  Someone was chasing her.

She tried to run, but her feet got tangled in the thick goat weed that grew in the pasture.  She tripped several times...At first she could make out nothing.  But slowly, before her astonished eyes, a figure in black began to emerge from the night...

Book Blurb:


After the sudden tragic death of her parents, Abby Sanders is invited to travel to the Green Mountains of Vermont to stay with William Drake, the brooding old master of Greystone Hall. Then suddenly the man vanished. All too soon she finds that the corridors of the gloomy mansion are filled with sinister secrets. To her sheer horror she begins to question whether the old man could be behind terrifying events that shrouded the ancient walls and stalked her into the very shadows of death and madness. 

Setting:  A dark, brooding mansion called Greystone Hall, nestled in the backwoods of Vermont.

Plot:  Abby Sanders is heiress to a fortune after the premature deaths of her parents, who died when their aircraft went down.  Her trusted family lawyer receives a letter from William Drake, an old friend of her parents, who invites her to stay with him at his grand estate for some much-needed rest and recuperation.  However, Abby finds Greystone Hall to be a sinister place, the brick walls of it's mansions full of whispered secrets and a ghostly phantom that haunts the halls.  Soon she'll find herself center pawn in a game of murder as she fights to leave Greystone alive!

Gothic Elements:  old rambling mansion/castle, murder for hire, an unsuspecting heiress who has lost her parents to a freak accident, a ghostly phantom that haunts the halls, a specter that appears from a closet, secret passageways, dire letters of warning, disappearing keys and telephones, cut telephone lines, horrible thunderstorms and lightening, blackouts and a flood, a busy-bodied cook, a domineering maid, death by falling down a flight of stairs, a murder plot meant to result in inheriting a fortune

Romance:  Rayne, a successful business and neighbor, fosters a friendship with Abby that blossoms into a romance towards the end.

This was a quick, satisfying read.  I loved the greatly detailed descriptions of the back roads of Vermont and the cold, gray castle.  The characters are each unique and evasive enough that you truly are left wondering 'who done it' until the very end of the book.  This was a fast-paced mystery with enough twists to keep me guessing as I turned the pages.  This book is reminiscent of the vintage gothic romance, though surprisingly just released last year, and by an Indie author nonetheless.  I am very impressed by this book and would recommend to fans of gothic romance, and for those who enjoy a good paranormal mystery with a hint of romance.

My Rating:
5 Stars


  1. I love your blog! I'm glad I came upon it! Keep it up!

  2. I love your blog, but I must say I was disappointed by this book after reading it based on your positive review. I'm not sure why you thought so highly of it; it's mediocre at best. The plotting is clumsy and predictable, the characters simplistic, the dialogue awful, the writing style ham-fisted. There were so many rudimentary grammatical errors that I'm inclined to think that the author is in need of a remedial English class. And, worst of all, the protagonist is a totally unlikable idiot who embodies the worst type of "TSTL" stereotype. Really dreadful!



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