Sunday, July 12, 2015

"You'll Like My Mother" by Naomi A. Hintz

Published:  1969
Setting:  Modern Day

"Our Siamese mated with an alley cat. The kittens were no is always true of any species when a thoroughbred mates with a mongrel." 

Her eyes moved over me, came back to my face. And then, almost instantly, as if to deny any intended slur in her words, she gave me that big, brilliant Mother-of-the-Year smile, held it.

Back Cover Blurb Reviews:
If you want your eight hours' sleep, don't start You'll Like My Mother at night, because you'll stay up until you finish it...a completely engrossing tale.
--Charlotte, NC, Observer

This tense and poignant novel of a young widow caught in the diabolic web spun by a monstrous mother-in-law is a shuddering encounter with evil you will not easily forget, if you're a nail-chewer, they'll be bitten to the quick.
--Best Sellers

Compelling, admirers of Rosemary's Baby should attend this birth...
--Book-of-the-Month Club News

Book Summary:
Francesca hasn't had it easy.  After a sordid affair with a professor concluded in a suicide, her own family disowned her.  Though Francesca had never been very close to her step-mother and her half-siblings, it was a dire blow.

She was hiding away in a fisherman's shack on the beach, near-death from a blood-poisoning infection, when Matthew found her.  He whisked her into a world where, at least, she was loved.  She is pregnant when Matthew is killed in Vietnam, and with no family to speak of, she feels it's her duty to at least go meet his mother.

Matthew always promised 'you'll like my mother,' yet the woman refuses to answer any of Francesca's letters.  After much though, she boldly goes to see the woman, uninvited.

There is no warm home-coming...the woman is cold, domineering, and cruel.  In addition to this, Francesca is met with reception of Kathleen, the poor deformed sister of Matthew.

Just as she's had enough of the heart-breaking encounter with Matthews family...the town is flooded, she finds herself forted in the old castle...with a houseful of monsters and secrets, locked doors and lies...and a birth more terrifying than she could ever imagine!

This book held me in it's grip from beginning to end!  The author does an amazing job fleshing out the main character, as well as making every other character, and the terrifying atmosphere of the house, as vivid as if you were standing in it's eerie halls.  It comes as no surprise that this book earned Naomi Hintz the Edgar Allan Poe book nomination and was made into a well-received horror movie starring Patty Duke.  This is a must-read for fans of the vintage gothic romance!

My Rating:
5 Stars

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