Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Round-Up Wednesday

Hello friends, readers, and gothic romance fans!

It's been a while since I posted a round-up, I apologize for the absence.  I haven't had much to report in the way of updates, other than the usual reviews I post.

I thought about doing a gala Halloween celebration here on the blog, but felt it would just be better to resolve to posting more than often here during the month of October, since Fall is such a perfect time for the creepy tales we all love.

I do have a few things in order for this lovely, darkly October:

1)  A Sitcom Review & Interview with Screenwriter

2)  An Author Spotlight of some ghostly books sure to turn your chills up a notch or two.

3)  I will begin the daunting task of providing a play-by-play summary (with screenshot photos) of the original Dark Shadows television series (from the first episode to the last!).

4)  My October Reading List (I have tried to pick stories reminiscent of hauntings, curses, sinister secrets, vacations gone awry and scarily brooding houses but really, what gothic romance doesn't have one or two of these elements?).  Here is my list of reviews you can find on the blog throughout October:

 The Moonlit Trap by Ruth Willok

What more pleasant prospect could there be for two young American girls like Constance and Peg than to fly to Europe for a summer trip? Constance would study in London for a few weeks, then join Peg, who is interested in Medieval carved figurines, in Zurich for a mountain holiday in search of treasure. Both have romance in mind as well as foreign travel.....

 House of the Whispering Winds by Elizabeth McCrae

Were Joycelyne's ravings to be believed? Was this really the grave of her mother who had been murdered? A grave that would soon make room for one more? What, and who. was buried in the recesses of the Villa Miramont? Anne Travis seeks a woman believed to be dead for forty-five years and is led by a quirk of fate onto the ground where a nameless body has rested since the war. It is a crypt whose secrets demand the ultimate price: insanity -- or violent death.

Unholy Spell by Claire Vincent

Emily had long cherished the hope of meeting her mother's friend Amanda and of residing with the Parkers of Beacon Hill as "one of the family." But Emily's first impression of the balconied mansion with its fancy grillwork and leaded panes was fear. What secret lay beneath those dank stones? Then Emily learned that the Parkers had much to hide. A baby of uncertain parentage. A woman who always wore purple. A brooding son who insisted Emily wear the gowns and jewels of his dead wife. As Emily grew closer to the dread secret of Beacon Hill, the fabric of evil enclosed her like a shroud.

The Whisper of Shadows by J.L.H. Whitney

From the moment librarian Ruth Carson set foot in the gloomy magnificence of Chinois, her instincts told her to flee. The house had an atmosphere of evil that made a mockery of its elegance, but created a perfect backdrop for Stephen Bonner, the mysterious, surly but attractive male animal who was its master and Ruth's employer.

With mounting horror Ruth soon found that violent death was a fellow guest at Chinois, and that her presence was a threat to someone in that strange, Oriental household -- someone who would stop at nothing, including murder, to get her out of the way.

Was that someone Stephen Bonner? Did his eyes follow her every move out of love--or was he even now plotting to destroy her...?

The Shrouded Tower by Theresa Charles

Was she too late to save her sister from the fate that awaited all the mistresses of that shadow-haunted estate?

House of Dark Illusions by Caroline Farr

Even before lovely young Megan Marshall crossed the threshold of the House of Ferrari, her dead mother's family mansion, she sensed that a chilling menace reaching out to her from the great stone house that rose from the swirling sea fog. Why was her aunt, Lissi Ferrari, suddenly behaving so strangely? What dark secret from the past hovered in the shadows of the vast old house?

The nameless fear mounted as Megan found herself caught in a macabre web of evil that slowly tightened around her. When Denis Fulton appeared on the scene, Megan longed to turn to the blond young man for help. In his searching gray eyes she had glimpsed something more than friendship. But did she dare to trust him...?

The House at Fern Canyon by Willow Davis Roberts

An unbreakable web of terror traps Deonna Tyler in the dark past of her dead love...

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