Monday, October 5, 2015

Witch's Tale - "The Mannequin"

I briefly introduced old time radio shows, and The Witch's Tale in a previous post.

Today I'd like to share with you another of my favorite episodes from this little radio sitcome, titled Mannequin.

It has all the eccentric elements of a creepy gothic read, with  just a little hint of The Twilight Zone thrown in for good measure.

An artist visits an old shop in Paris, he claims he is in search of something that called to him, something that wanted him to have it.

The shop clerk leads him through a series of locked doors, until they open a closet only to find a mannequin. Eerily, the mannequin is hanging by the neck with a rope, her wrists and ankles tied.

The mannequin is exquisite, so lifelike that the artists can't believe the shop-keeper offers such a work of art for free so long as the artists takes it. What with hair that has been drilled into her head hair by lone hair, joints that move without sound or effort and eyes that seem to convey a bit of intelligence. He feels he's found quite a bargain and offers to purchase the mannequin.

She is so lifelike that even the artists wife claims she is a corpose, espeially how she seems to drape her arms around his neck each time he lifts her. His wife claims, “Her arms move with life, she is more than a mannequin, I do not like her.”

The artists and his friends later claim that the mannequin is sighing and making hissing sounds, with eyes that rave towards his wife with hate.

Later, as the the artist and his wife embrace for a kiss, something suddenly strikes his wife. Upon examination, the hammer that was used to free the mannequin from the box for which same came, lay near the wifes feet. The wife claims that mannequin is trying to kill her out of jealousy. She says the mannequin wants her husband!

Is it true? Could the mannequin, indeed, be a real entity? Can a mannequin really come to life? And what will happen if she can? What lays inside the stuffing and wood of the exquisite mannequin?

You'll have to listen to this exceptionally creepy tale to find out!

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