Monday, January 11, 2016

"Pointe of Danger" by Lisa Greer

Published:  2011
Setting:  Modern Day

Her second night in the house proved to her what she had known her first night.  It breathed around her, almost as if it watched her every move.  It had been there for 150 years, more or less.  The widow's walk had been used then, and the lighthouse nearby served a true purpose of guiding sailors home, according to the landlord.

As with the night before, a tingle of fear settled into her gut, one reason she had been on the boardwalk with throngs of people, anonymous.

A desire to see the widow's walk up close gripped her.  The realtor had waved to a trapdoor in teh attic that led to it, but she wanted to see it herself, to stand up there, even it if was twenty degrees outside.  At least the snow hadn't come yet.

Back Cover Synopsis:

When Neve Warren finds an old pair of pointe shoes, a dangerous obsession from the past threatens to replay itself in her present.

Neve Warren, an injured ballerina, is spending the Christmas season in Ocean City, Maryland. Panic attacks and fears about her violent ex-boyfriend, Joshua Payne, challenge her attempt at recovery. After being followed one night on the local boardwalk, she realizes the past is never far behind.

Cam London, a police officer with his own troubled history, collides with Neve, literally, that night. When Neve finds out the history of the house she is renting and that the threats of the past coincide eerily with those of the present, can Cam keep her safe? And will Neve put the ghosts of the house to rest?

This short novella made for a cozy little holiday read during the Christmas season.  There were several subplots, which were interesting enough to keep the pages turning at ease.  The main character, Neve, is a ballerina who is nursing an injury and evading a dangerous stalker.  Yet, when she rents the house another mystery falls into her hands, the mystery of another young woman who once danced.  I enjoyed the storyline.  Overall, it's a good short read.  As with many of her books, I wish this one had been longer.

Best Gothic Elements:  traversing between history and present, a historical mystery the heroine must uncover, house being broken into, finding the old dance clothes of a woman deceased for decades, being chased by a dangerous stalker, a huge old house that seems to breathe, the creepy widows walk, a heroine who has rented a holiday home alone, being followed in a crowd, old theatres

My Rating:
4 Stars


  1. Hey, I just discovered your blog! I love the way you summarize the gothic elements of the story at the end of your reviews. That's such a great idea.

    I'm also a gothic book blogger, and I feel like you might appreciate the giveaway I've got going on right now for a Victorian gaslamp fantasy novel called The Eterna Files. Feel free to come over to The Gothic Library and check it out!

    1. thanks so much for stopping by. wonderful to see another gothic-themed blog! on my way to visit you right now. :)

    2. I love the way you summarize the gothic elements of the story at the end of your reviews.

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