Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Upon A Ghostly Yule" by Amanda DeWees

Published:  2015
Setting:  Historical

The room felt like a raw wound.  There was so much misery here, a lingering malaise of frustration and grief and futility.  Turning, I noticed a tall object covered with a sheet a few yards away.  It was about the height and breadth of a person, which startled me.  "What is that?" I asked involuntarily, and Sir James took hold of the cloth and drew it away to reveal a standing mirror.

In the reflection, I somehow did look more like Lady Garnet's portrait than myself.  In the cold illumination of the moon, my eyes were darker, and the shape of my face seemed altered.  A peculiar illusion caused by shadows, no doubt.

And then the reflection smiled.

Cold fear gushed through my veins, and I was frozen to the spot.  In the mirror, Lady Garnet's eyes swept me up and down, and here smile widened.  An avid smile.  A hungry smile.


In this short story, when the ghost of a willful 18th century beauty takes possession of spirited young Felicity Reginald at a Victorian Christmas house party, mystery and danger follow...but so does romance.

This was the perfect little holiday read.  A hefty amount of creepy suspense and mystery with a shot of the sweetest kind of romance, this little story was a breeze to finish.  Amanda's characters are always endearing and her uncanny ability to set the stage of any atmosphere makes any of her stories a true gothic win.  The only issue I had with this book is, I wish it had been longer!

Best Gothic Elements:  possession, an angry ghost who may be seeking retribution, sickness and death, old family heirlooms and secrets, secret locked-away rooms, secret passageways inside the walls.

My Rating:
4 Stars

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