Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bennington Gothique Web Series

Fans of the Gothic Romance genre are going to love the the new web series Bennington Gothique.

Set in a creepy old boarding school, the show begins with a sense of family secrets full with a strange set of characters and the quest to uncover a mystery as lead star Angela Wentworth reads a letter written by her deceased grandmother.

Having watched the first four episodes, myself, I could not help but be highly impressed.  If you added some twisted V.C. Andrews storyline with the vintage Dark Shadows and threw in the soap  Passions, you might just hit the tip of the iceberg in describing this uniquely creepy show.

Don't believe me?  Check out the site for yourself!  Creator Gregory Connor has already earned himself an astounding number of awards and honorary mention for this show.  And that many critics just can't be wrong.

The first few debut episodes have already come in with a bang as Gregory has gained a considerable following.  I can't wait to see what proceeds!

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