Friday, April 29, 2016

Dark Shadows: The Original, Episode 2

My name is Victoria Winters.  Collinwood, a great house on top of Widows Hill, is a dark and frightening place to end a journey.  The ghosts of yesterday seem to tell me to run, but I'm here now.  And there's no turning back.

Victoria arrives at the dark, gloomy mansion and is first met by Elizabeth Stoddard.

The next scene opens with Carolyn and her boyfriend, Joe Haskell, at a local bar and eatery.  She leaves after making a scene, but not before Burke Devlin gets the low-down on who she is from what appears to be a private investigator he's hired.

Carolyn never thought her mother would find someone willing to come to the creepy house on hill, according to their conversation:

Carolyn:  How do you expect me to go off and leave you alone in this beautiful nut house?

Elizabeth:  I won't be, not anymore

Carolyn:  You mean she actually came?

Elizabeth:  A few minutes ago.  She's a nice girl, Carolyn.  You'll like her very much.

Carolyn:  All I can say for her, mother, she must be out of her mind.

Victoria takes a walk to look at the beautiful scenery out on the cliffs overlooking the ocean when she meets Roger Collins.  Roger seems frightened to hear the name Burke Devlin.

He says to Victoria, "Oh, we're a strange crew, Miss Winters, strange but I think you'll find most of us are rather nice."

Roger then mentions how he hopes Victoria will not find herself lonely, as it's a much different place than New York.  Victoria replies that if she is lonely she will blame him as Elizabeth said Roger is the one who arranged for her to come.

Roger replies, "If Elizabeth says so then it must be..."


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