Friday, December 9, 2016

Dark Shadows: The Original, Episode 3

My name is Victoria Winters.  Collinwood, a strange, dark mansion brooding on the crest of  a lonely hill.  It's my home now and the outside world seems a million miles away.  Yet I know there are homes and warmth in Collinsport.  I know there are people with hopes and dreams and unexpressed fears.

Carolyn:  Vicki, you seem like a nice person.  Do yourself a favor, go back home to New York.

Victoria:  You know, I've been hearing that every hour, on the hour, since I got here.  Why does everyone want me to go home?

Carolyn (later in the conversation):  I guess I'll never have any real choices until I...


---Burke Devlin meets Joe Haskell (Carolyn's boyfriend) and says he wants to ask him about the girl he wants to marry.  In a way, he interrogates Joe.  He offers to give him money in exchange for information regarding Carolyn and Elizabeth Stoddard.

Joe Haskell:  She doesn't want to leave her mother alone up there.  That makes sense, doesn't it?

Devlin Burke:  Does it?  Does that make sense, Joe?  A woman stays on that hill for 18 years, she could walk off anytime, but she won't do it.  How long are you going to wait, another 18 years?


---Roger visits Maggie at the Collinsport Inn.  He says he needs to see her father.  He also inquires of Burke Devlin.

Carolyn:  You know, it's a funny thing how fond Pop used to be of Burke.  He's never mentioned him.  Never mentioned his name not once in all these years.

 As Carolyn gives Vicki a grand tour, a door opens of it's own accord.

Carolyn:  Vicki, you're going to have to get use to doors like that.  It isn't easy, I know, but you'll have to try.

As Roger awaits Maggies father at the Inn, he's approached by a fisherman who informs him that Burke Devlin is back in town.  Roger tells him he's not concerned.

Mallory:  Roger, you're either a much braver man than I thought you were, or a much bigger fool.

I suppose Mallory is accurate in his concern, considering what Devlin said to him in an earlier conversation.

Burke Devlin:  Mr.  Mallory, when I was a kid I used to go up to Collinwood and look for ghosts.  We all used to think it was haunted.  Well, I didn't find any then.  But they're there.  They creep out of every corner, and hide under every bed.  Well, I didn't put them there, Mr. Mallory.  But I'm sure going to do everything I can to dig them out!

The show wraps with Carolyn and Vicki inside Vicki's room.

Carolyn:  Vicki, take my advice.  Lock your door and get a good nights sleep cause come tomorrow you're going to need it!


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