Dark Shadows: The Original

I first learned of Dark Shadows from my mother, who spoke of her adolescent addiction to this 'after school' Soap Opera of the 60's & 70's.  

Some years later, I was delighted to find that I could purchase episodes of the show online (as well as watch some number of free episodes via Youtube) and so I began to watch it, season by season.

I quickly found myself immersed in the gloomy atmosphere of  the mansion at the edge of the cliffs.  Not only was it a magical experience to watch a real life gothic romance play out on screen, but as I continued to watch (and to compare the likeness of the TV show to that of the commonday vintage gothic) I realized that Dark Shadows was a cornerstone of such not only for Gothic Romances, but for Soap Operas, in general.

Because of my appreciation...and my ongoing fascination with this TV show and book series...I have decided to dedicate a large section of this blog (and my personal time) to documenting the complete series, episode by episode.

I will update links here as I add new character bios and features!


Season 1, Episode 0001
Season 1, Episode 0002
Season 1, Episode 0003

As the show progresses,  I plan to write a small character biography/analysis of each character below.

Cast & Characters:

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  1. Love Dark Shadows and LOVE gothic's....and anything that has anything to do with Moors in England - I'm hoooked. Your blog is right up my alley, thank you!!!!



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