Sunday, March 19, 2017

Boris Karloff's Thriller - Rose's Last Summer

I love digging through these old TV shows and resurrecting, per say, the episodes that I feel are reminiscent of the vintage gothic stories.

Maybe it is because of the times back then and how these types of story-lines were rehashed and rewritten over and over. Perhaps the Gothic Romance story-lines were just that appealing to the common-day audience at the time.  I think they would have had to have been, considering the ungodly amount of paperbacks that once littered store shelves.

Yet, I found the plot-theme of this episode eerily presenting of so many of the gothics I have read over the years.  Same plot, just enough of a twist in characters and story-line to define it as a whole new story.

Season 1 Episode 5, 1960, Hosted by Boris Karloff , An aging actress is mysteriously found dead in a family's garden, and they may know more about her death than they will admit.
Written and Directed by: Maxwell Shane