Sunday, March 19, 2017

"Naked Once More" by Elizabeth Peters (A Short Review)

Published:  1990
Setting:  Modern Day

Cover Synopsis:

She may be a bestselling author, but ex-librarian Jacqueline Kirby's views on the publishing biz aren't fit to print. In fact, she's thinking of trading celebrity for serenity and a house far away from fiendish editors and demented fans when her agent whispers the only words that could ever make her stay: Naked in the Ice.

Seven years ago, this blockbuster skyrocketed Kathleen Darcy to instant fame. Now the author's heirs are looking for a writer to pen the sequel. It's an opportunity no novelist in her right mind would pass up, and there's no doubting Jacqueline's sanity...until she starts digging through the missing woman's papers - and her past. Until she gets mixed up with Kathleen's enigmatic lover. Until a series of nasty accidents convince her much too late that someone wants to bring Jacqueline's story -and her life - to a premature end.

I have read (and own many) Barbara Michael's books.  So, I figured since the same author wrote this book (albeit published under the pen-name Elizabeth Peters) that I would find it just as enjoyable as the dark, brooding, gothic mysteries of Michael's.  Boy, was I wrong!

This book is a simple who-done-it mystery.  Not only that, it's only one of a complete series (I also was not aware when I began to read it) so there was some references to earlier stories that I did not fully understand.

To make a long story short, Jacqueline Kirby as come to a writer's retreat in order to solve the disappearance/death of a famous romance writer.  She must eliminate the suspects and get to the truth.

Honestly, what I remember most about this book is the meals she ate.  The ending did surprise me, I totally did not see the ending coming.  However, the rest of the book is predictable and...yes...boring!

Only read it if you don't have anything creepier at hand!

Best Gothic Elements:  stolen identity, disappearances, poisoning by food, ghosts

3 Stars