A Little About Me...

I am a thirty-something book worm, and have enjoyed the art of reading for as long as I can remember.  I first discovered gothic romances when I was a student in high school.  I was always intrigued by the dark mood of the books, many are entertaining as well as historically educational.  The settings were always creepy and mysterious and seeing a female heroine resolve a mystery towards the end (and often finding true love, fortune, etc) was always rewarding for me.  I have been reading them for some years and hope to backtrack and review some of the ones I have already read, as well as the future ones I read.

These days, it's becoming more difficult to find good gothic romance novels.  Over the years I have watched in sadness as even the meager one-row selection at the local public library has dwindled to a mere few hundred volumes, if even that many.  Those of us who have found our reading pleasure in the vintage gothics are left to fill our stock at rummage sales, ebay, amazon and the descripit corners of antique and mildewed thrift shops.

 For me, the gothic romances are a sweet escape.  I liken them to the feeling of a long, cool drink after a stressful day in the hustling bustling of everyday life.  They are intriguing, many of them are wonderful learning experiences, and they are highly entertaining.  Let's not forget the amazing, breathtaking artistic talent and detail of those covers!  The only negatives one can attribute to these novels would pertain to their 'always happy endings.'  I like to call that critical critique hogwash!  Many, many contemporary, common day romance novels sum their last few pages up to a happy ending.  The couple finds love in each other at last, and, alas, all is good and beautiful.  I feel this is, has always been, and will always be an element to the fantasy-like aura of any romance novel, much less the gothic romances.

Nonetheless, I felt an urgency to create this blog and document my gothic romance library, as well as review books (vintage and contemporary) because it appears that gothic romances are a dying art. I have been collecting them for years and they have brought me much reading pleasure and I feel compelled to share this interest/passion with others who enjoy this rare genre.

 I hope fellow gothic romance fans will find this blog a fit haven, or perhaps a networking, or resource of such.  Every few weeks I will organize a drawing for a free vintage gothic romance.  I also am hoping to enlighten fellow readers of contemporary, up and coming gothic romance writers in the form of interviews with authors, release information for newer gothics, as well as any other resources I might find available which will aid us all in keeping the spirit of the timeless gothic romance novel alive!