My Gothic Library

Listed by Author


Addison, Gwen:
Storm Over Fox Hill

Aiken, Joan:
The Fortune Hunters

Alexander, Jan:
The Lion's Gate
The Wolves of Craywood

Altman, Thomas:
The True Bride

Anthony, Evelyn:
Stranger at the Gates

Armstrong, Charlotte:
A Little Less Than Kind
Seven Seats to the Moon
The Protege
Lemon in the Basket
The Better to Eat You
The Gift Shop
The Balloon Man
The Turret Room
Something Blue
A Dream of Poison
The Girl With a Secret
The Dream Walker

Arnold, Margot:
Zadok's Treasure

Arvonen, Helen:
Garden of Grief

Ashe, Douglas:
The Longstreet Legacy

Astley, Juliet:
The Fall of Midas


Barnes, Joanna:

Barrett, Mary Ellin:
Castle Ugly

Bartell, Bryant:

Barth, Lois:
Said the Spider to the Fly

Barron, Ann Forman:
Bride of Menace
Strange Legacy

Bawden, Nina:
Devil by the Sea

Bellamann, Henry:
Victoria Grandolet

Bellamy, Jean:
Mistress of Ghosthaven

Bentley, Phyllis:
The House of Moreys

Berckman, Evelyn:
The Heir of Starvelings

Bingham, John:
The Tender Poisoner

Bishop, Mary:
Land's End

Bowman, Jeanne:
Doomed to Hate

Black, Gavin:
The Eyes Around Me

Black, Veronica:
Fair Kilmeny

Blackmore, Jane:
The Square of Many Colors
Angel's Tear
Beware the Night

Blake, Venessa:

Bond, Evelyn:
Raven's Eye
Evil in the House
Beloved Traitor
Lady in Darkness

Brandon, Beatrice:
The Cliffs of Night

Brennan, Alice:
The Brooding House
Litany of Evil

Bretonne, Anne Marie:
Dark Talisman

Bridge, Ann:
Frontier Passage
The Numbered Account

Brooks, Simeon:
Blood Wedding

Bryce, Felica:
Portia in Distress

Buckingham, Nancy:
The Dark Summer

Burke, Jonathan:
Goodbye, Gillian

Butler, Beverly:
Captive Thunder

Butler, Gwendoline:
The Vesey Inheritance


Cameron, Kate:
Voices in the Fog
Evil at Whispering Hills

Campbell, Jane:
Believe no Evil

Campbell, Margaret:
Night's Dark Secrets

Canfield, Miriam:
The Tuscany Madonna

Cardiff, Sara:
Fool's Apple

Carew, Jean:
Run, Nurse, Run

Carleton, Marjorie:
The Demarest Inheritance

Carr, Philippa:
The Witch From The Sea
The Love Child
Lament for a Lost Lover
Saraband for Two Sisters

Carter, Alberta Simpson:
Fool's Proof

Cavanna, Betty:
Mystery at Love's Creek

Cary, Emily:
My High Love Calling

Cerra, Gerda Ann:
A Darker Heritage

Charles, Byiona:
When Only the Bougainvillea Blooms

Charles, Iona:
When Only the Bougainvillea Blooms

Charles, Theresa:
The Shrouded Tower

Chapman, Laura:
A Change of Heart

Chimenti, Francesca:
The Web of Deception

Clark, Cecily:
Ravensley Manor

Coffman, Virginia:
The House at Sandalwood
The House on the Moat
The Beckoning
The Demon Tower
Castle at Witches Coven
From Satan, With Love
The Mist at Darkness
Curse of the Island Pool

Collins, Wilkie:
The Yellow Mask

Connell, Candace:
The House at Parson's Landing

Connolly, Vivian:
The Fires of Ballymorris

Cooper, Lynna:
Folly Hall
Moon Chapel

Cooper, Parley J.:
The Devil Child

Coleman, Clara:
Nightmare in July

Corren, Grace:
Mansion of Deadly Dreams

Corby, Jane:
The Nurse's Alibi

Cosgrove, Rachel:
Designs for Love

Cost, March:
I, Rachel

Cowen, Frances:
The Curse of the Clodaghs

Cunningham, Cathy:
The Demons of Highpoint House

Curtiss, Ursula:
The Deadly Climate
Widow's Web


Dalton, Priscilla:
The Darkening Willows

Daniels, Dorothy:
Veil of Trechery
The Bell
The Marble Leaf
Marriott Hall
The Curse of Mallory Hall
Hills of Fire
Diablo Manor
Blue Devil Suite
The Maya Temple
The Tormented
Lady of Shadows
The Lily Pond
Shadow Glen
Island of Bitter Memories
The Mistress of Falcon Hall
The Raging Waters
Mansion of Lost Memories
The Dark Stage
The Eagle's Nest
Night Shade
Mystic Manor
The Leland Legacy

Darby, Catherine:
Frost on the Moon
Sing Me A Moon
The Flaunting Moon

Darty, Peggy:
The Widowed Bride of Raven Oaks

De Blasis, Celeste:
The Night Child

Deering, Jan:
Wakefield House

Delmonico, Andrea:
Chateau Chaumand

DeWeese, Jean:
Web of Guilt
The Reimann Curse
Cave of the Moaning Wind

Dorer, Francis:
Sentinel Point

Douglas, Charlotte:
Darkness at Fairwinds

DuMaurier, Daphne:
Castle Dor
Don't Look Now
Hungry Hil
Jamaica Inn

Dwyer-Joyce, Alice:
Reach for the Shadows


Eatock, Marjorie:
Too Many Candles

Eden, Dorothy:
Crow Hollow
The Shadow Wife
The Vines of Yarrabee
Never Call it Loving
The Pretty Ones
The Daughters of Ardmore Hall
Lady of Mallow
Listen to Danger
Death is a Red Rose
Whistle of the Crows
Shadow of a Witch
The House on Hay Hill
Night of the Letter
Bridge of Fear
Sleep in the Woods
The Laughing Ghost
An Important Family
The American Heiress
Waiting for Willa
Speak to me of Love
The Sleeping Bride
The Deadly Travellers
The Salamanca Drum
The Time of the Dragon
The Storrington Papers
The Millionaire's Daughter
Melbury Square
The Voice of the Dols

Edwards, Rachel:
The Captain's Lady

Edgar, Josephine:
The Dark Tower

Elgin, Mary:
Highland Masquerade
A Man From The Mist

Eliot, Anne:
Shadows Waiting

Ellin, Stanley:
House of Cards

Ellis, Julie:

Emerick, Lucille:
The Web of Evil

English, Jean:
Dark Moonshine
Dark Castle Silver Strand

Erskine, Margaret:
The Woman at Belguardo

Esmond, Harriet:
Darsham's Tower

Evans, Elaine:

Eyre, Marie:
The Absence

Eyre, Kathering Wigmore:
Monks' Court

Eyerly, Jeannette:
Goodbye to Budapest


Farewell, Harriet:
Margaret Erskine

Farnsworth, Mona:
The Evil that Waited

Farr, Caroline:
Witch's Hammer
House of Treachery
Sinister House
Dark Citadel
The Towers of Fear
A Castle In Spain
Mansion of Evil
So Near and Yet...

Faulkner, Mary:
Witches' Brew

Feehan, Christine:
Wild Rain

Fenwick, Elizabeth:
Disturbance on Berry Hill

Ferrars, Elizabeth:
A Stranger and Afraid

Finley, Glenna:
Beware My Heart

Fleming, Joan:
Malice Matrimonial

Fletcher, Dorothy:
Shadows on the Water
The Late Contessa
Beyond Recall

Foley, Rae:
Nightmare House
No Hiding Place
Sleep Without Morning
The First Mrs. Winston
A Calculated Risk
Reckless Lady
Dangerous to Me
Wake The Sleeping Wolf
The Hundredth Door
Suffer a Witch
This Woman Wanted
Trust a Woman

Forest, Wilma:
Shadow Mansion
Last Hope House

Foster, Iris:
Deadly Sea, Deadly Sand


Gale, Adela:
Angel Among Witches

Gaskin, Catherine:
A Falcon for a Queen

Gerra, Gerda Anne:
A Darker Heritage

Gilbert, Anna:
The Leavetaking

Gordon, Jane:
Mistress of Mount Fair

Grace, Alicia:
The Head of Medusa
Hawksbill Manor

Gray, Angela:
The Lattimore Arch

Green, Sharon:
Werewolf Moon


Hacker, Shyrle:
Whispers in the Dark

Hale, Jennifer:
The Secret of Devil's Cave

Hall, Gimone:
The Silver Strand

Hamilton, Virginia:
The House of Dies Drear

Hancock, Frences Dean:
Legacy of Fear

Hazinga, Cynthia Van:
Ghost River Inn

Heath, Monica:

Heyer, Georgette:
The Unfinished Clue
The Black Moth

Hely, Sara:
The Legend of the Green Man

Heyer, Georgette:
Devil's Cub

Hicks, Helen B.:
Legacy of Raven's Rise
Return to Shadow Creek

Higgins, Margaret:
Unholy Sanctuary
A Doctor for the Dead

Hill, Grace Livingston:
The Red Signal
Happiness Hill

Hines, Jeanne:
Bride of Terror
The Legend of Witchwynd

Hodge, Jane Aiken:
Watch the Wall, My Darling
Maulever Hall
Strangers in Company

Hoffman, Louise:
To Dream of Evil

Holden, Joanne:
Nurse at the Castle
The Queen's Grant Inheritance
Dangerous Legacy

Hollyock, Dulcie:
Double Masquerade

Holt, Victoria:
The Captive
My Enemy Queen
The Curse of the Kings
The Shivering Sands
The Silk Vendetta
Seven for a Secret
The Night of the Seventh Moon
The Road to Paradise Island
The Shadow of the Lynx
The Landowner Legacy
The Black Opal
Daughter of Deceit
The Demon Lover
Mistress of Mellyn
The Spring of the Tiger
Bride of Pendorric
Secret for a Nightingale
The Devil on Horseback
The Legend of the Seventh Virgin
The King of the Castle 
The Indian Fan

Howatch, Susan:
The Shrouded Walls
The Waiting Sands
The Devil on Lammas Night
April's Grave

Hudson, Laura Hope:
The Cruel Legacy

Hufford, Susan:
The Devil's Sonata

Hunt, Charlotte,
A Touch of Myrrh
The Thirteenth Treasure
The Gilded Sarcophagus

Hurd, Florence:
The Secret of Awen Castle
Storm House

Hylton, Sara:
The Crimson Falcon



James, Barbara:
Beauty that Must Die

Janifer, Laurence M:
The Woman Without a Name

Johnston, Velda:
The House on the Left Bank
The Phantom Cottage
The Silver Dolphin


Kaufman, Pamela:

Kennedy, Barbara:
The Uninvited Guest

Kerigan, Florence:
Passion Under the Flamboyant

Kevern, Barbara:
The Devil's Vineyard

Kihlstrom, April:
Paris Summer

Kimbrough, Katheryn:
The Broken Sphinx
Unseen Torment
Rachel, The Possessed
The House on Windswept Ridge
The Shadow Over Pheasant Heath
Jane, The Courageous
Margaret, The Faithful

King, Louise W.:
The ROchemer Hag

King, Stephen:

Knight, Alanna:
Castle Clodia


Lang, Maria:
A Wreath for the Bride

Lawrence, Susannah:
The Daughters of Music

Lee, Edna:
The Queen Bee
The Web of Days

Leonard, Phyllis G.:
Phantom of the Sacred Wall

Leslie, Miriam:
Cavanaugh Keep

Letton, Jennette:
Allegra's Child

Lewis, Deborah:
Kirkwood Fires

Levin, Ira:
The Stepford Wives

Locke, Douglas:
The House of Two Wives

Lofts, Nora:
Gad's Hall
The Haunting of Gad's Hall
Copsi Castle
Bride of Moat House
The House at Sunset
Hauntings, Is Anybody There?
The Deadly Gift
Heaven in Your Hand
Lovers all Untrue

Loghry, Lizabeth:
The Cursed Inheritance

Long, Lynda Belknap:
The Witch Tree

Loring, Emilie:
The Shadow of Suspicion
Hilltops Clear
Lighted Windows

Lupton, Leonard:
The Night of the Owl

Lynch, Miriam:
Moon of Darkness
The Witch's Song
The Deadly Rose
Amber Twilight
The Light in the Tower
From Secret Places
The Nighmare Dance

Lynn, Margaret:
A Light in the Window


MacMillan, Gail:
Inherited Deception

In Search of Sybil

Main, Mary:
Tower of Evil

Mathews, Patricia:
Midnight Whispers

Marlow, Edwina:
The Lady of Lyon House

Martin, Ethel Bowyer:
Nightmare House

Massey, Charlotte:
Polmarram Tower

Maxwell, Patricia:
The Secret of Mirror House

Maybury, Anne:
The Brides of Bellenmore
Green FireThe House of Fand
The Terracotta Palace
The Night My Enemy
The Pavilion at Monkshood
Falcon's Shadow
Walk in Paradise Garden
Shadow of a Stranger
The Moonlit Door
The Jeweled Daughter
The Midnight Dancers

Macardle, Dorothy:
Dark Enchantment
The Unforeseen

McCarthy, Jane:
The Sinister Tapestry

McCloy, Helen:
The Long Body

McCrae, Elizabeth:
House of the Whispering Winds

McEvoy, Marjorie:
Brazilian Stardust

McGill, Nancy:
The Cave of the Moon

McHugh, Frances Y.:
Window on the Seine

McInnes, Helen:
Friends and Lovers
Decision at DelphiThe Double Image
Malm, Dorothea:
To The Castle
Above Suspicion
Pray for a Brave Heart
The Venetian Affair
North From Rome
Message From Malaga

McKenna, Evelyn:
Castle Midnight
Castle Light

McNamara, Lena:
Pilgrim's End

Melville, Jennie:

Merchant, Catherine:
Evil at Roger's Cross

Michaels, Barbara:
Ammie, Come Home
The Sea King's Daughter
Into the Darkness
House of Many Shadows

Miles, Sylva:
Shadow Over Beauclaire

Miller, Lanora:
The Devil's Due

Miller, Marcia:
Nurse of the High Sierras

Millhiser, Marlys:
Nella Waits

Minton, Paula:
Hand of the Impostor
Secret Melody
Thunder over the Reefs
The Dark of Memory
The Loom of Terror
Orphan of the Shadows
Fog Hides the Fury
Engraved in Evil

Mitchell, Sara:
The Widow's Secret

Monsarrat, Nicholas:
Castle Garac

Morella, Jane:
Dark Memories

Morrison, Roberta:
Tree of Evil

Murray, Elaine:
The Wood of Foreboding


Napier, Melissa:
House of Rising Water

Neely, Esther:
The Moon Cat

Nelson, Mildred:
The Dark Stone

Nichols, Sarah:
Rosemary for Remembrance
The Moon Dancers

Nicole, Claudette:
The Chinese Letter
Circle of Secrets

Night, Doris:
Nurse on Terror Island

Nightingale, Ursula:
Dawn Comes Soon

Nile, Dorothea:
The Evil Men Do

Norton, Patricia:
Daughter of Evil

Norris, Kathleen:
The Secrets of Hillyard House


Ogilvie, Elisabeth:
The Road to Nowhere

Olmsted, Lorena Ann:
Return to Peril

O'More, Peggy:
Seacliff Nurse

Orford, Ellen:
The Bride of Raven Island

Osborne, Juanita Tyree:
The Cottage at Barron Ridge
The Wind-Bells of Lovingwood

Ostrander, Kate:
The Sea Tower


Packer, Joy:
The Man in the Mews

Paradise, Mary:
Shadow of a Witch

Parker, Beatrice:
Stranger by the Lake

Pascoe, Irene M.:
Shadow Over Bright Star
Lord of High Cliff Manor

Paul, Paula G.:
Inn of the Clowns

Peters, Heather:
House of Secrets

Plum, Jennifer:
The Secret of Benjamin Square

Pullman, Philip:
The Ruby in the Smoke



Ragosta, Millie J.:
House of the Evil Winds

Randall, Florence Engel:

Randall, Rona:
Knight's Keep
Mountain of Fear
Journey to Love

Randell, Christine:
Black Candle
Mallory Grange

Randolph, Ellen:
Rrendezvous in Amsterdam

Reece, Colleen L.:
Nurse of the Crossroads

Reisner, Mary:
The House of Cobwebs

Renault, Mary:
The King Must Die

Richard, Susan:
The Secret of Chateau Kendell
Chateau Saxony

Richardson, Kay:
Come to Green Leaves

Rineheart, Mary Roberts:
This Strange Adventure
The Wall
The Great Mistake
The Street of Seven Stars
Haunted Lady

Risku, Cillay:
A Moonstone Gothic

Roberts, Janet Louise:
Her Demon Lover
The Curse of Kenton

Roberts, Rinalda:
The Four Marys

Roberts, Suzanne:
Danger in Paradise

Roberts, Willow Davis:
Inherit the Darkness
The Face of Danger
The Terror Trap
Black Pearl Series:  Macomber Menace
King's Pawn
Shadow of a Past Love
The House at Fern Canyon
Invitation to Evil
The Tarot Spell

Roby, Mary Linn:
And Die Remembering

Roffman, Jan:
A Walk in the Dark
A Dying in the Night

Rogers, Evelyn:
Devil in the Dark

Root, Pat:
The Devil of the Stairs

Ross, Clarissa:
The Haunting of Villa Gabriel
Secret of the Pale Lover
Glimpse Into Terror
Ghost of Dark Harbor
Dark Harbor Haunting
Beware the Kindly Stranger
Fan the Wanton Flame
The Spectral Mist
Summer of the Shaman
Secret of the Pale Lover
China Shadow
Moscow Mists
Shadow Over the Garden

Ross, Dan:
Lodge Sinister
The Figure in the Shadows
Night of the Dead
The Third Spectre

Ross, Marilyn:
Waiting in the Shadows
Fog Island Terror
Satan's Rock
Dark Shadows
Phantom Wedding
The Sinister Garden
Cauldron of Evil
Fog Island
Step Into Terror
Phantom of the Swamp
Cameron Castle
The Witch of Bralhaven
Curse of Black Charlie
Death's Dark Music
Barnabas Collins and the Gypsy Witch
Barnabas Quentin and the Frightened Bride
The Mystery of Collinwood
The Secret of Barnabas Collins
Dark Legend
Barnabas Collins and the Mysterious Ghost
Barnabas Collins
Victoria Winters

Ross, Martin:
Dark Homecoming

Ross, W.E.D.:
The Whispering Gallery
Christopher's Mansion

Rowan, Dierdre:
Silver Wood
Dragon's Mount


Schubert, John D:
The Devil at Castelnero

Scott, Annjeanette:
The Count of Van Rheeden Castle

Sears, Ruth McCarthy:
St. George Manor
The Silent Witness

Seeley, Mabel:
The Chuckling Fingers
The Crying Sisters

Seton, Anya:
Green Darkness

Sheppard, Mary:
Devil Dunes

Shoesmith, Kathleen A.:
Cloud Over Calderwood

Shulman, Sandra:
The Lady of Arlac
The Brides of Devil's Leap

Simon, Angela:
Seven Sons

Simmons, Mary Kay:
Haggard's Cove
The Hermitage
The Willow Pond

Smith, Eleanor:
A Dark and Splendid Passion

Smith, F.E.:
Dark Cliffs

Smith, Nancy Taylor:
The Golden Fig

Smith, Sally Tyree:
Never Leave Shadow Wood

Smith, Veronica:
Thunder Castle

Spaak, Eleanor Hope:
The Secret of Crane's Castle

Sparks, Margaret:
Last Place in the World

Spear, Elizabeth George:
The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Stephens, Cleo M.:
Everglades Adventure

Stevens, Jessica:
Vengeance of the Cat Goddess

Stevens, Lucile Vernon:
Joni of Storm Hill
Green Shadows

Stevens, Serita Deborah:
The Bloodstone Inheritance

Stevenson, Anne:
A Game of Statues

Stevenson, Florence:
A Darkness on the Stairs

St. John, Genevieve:
The Secret of Kensington Manor
The Dark Watch
The Sinister Voice

St. John, Nicole:

Stewart, Mary:
Thunder on the Right
This Rough Magic
Touch Not The Cat
The Gabriel Hounds
The Hollow Hills
The Rose Cottage
The Ivy Tree
The Moon Spinners
Nine Coaches Waiting
The Last Enchantment
My Brother Michael
Madam Will You Talk

Stone, Harriet:
Heiress of Bayou Vache

Straub, Peter:

Summerton, Margaret:


Talmage, Anne:
Dark Over Arcadia

Teta, Jon:
The Clock at Ravenswood

Thorpe, Sylvia:
Strangers on the Moor

Taylor, Beatrice:
Journey Into Danger

Trevelyan, Julia:

Tryon, Thomas:
The Other

Tyrrel, Diane:
On Winding Hill Road
On The Edge of the Woods


Upshaw, Helen:
The Return of Jennifer


Vandergriff, Aola:
Wyndspelle's Child
The Bell Tower of Wyndspelle
Sisters of Sorrow


Wagner, Sharon:
Winter Evil
Colors of Death

Ware, Joyce C.:
The Lost Heiress of Hawkscliffe

Warren, Paulette:
Brooding Mansion
Hazard House

Waters, T.A.:
The Blackwood Cult

Way, Isabel Steward:
Fighting Dr. Diana

Wellsley, Julie:
The Castle on the Mountain
Castle Malign
House Malign
The Wine of Vengeance

Wentworth, Patricia:
Through the Wall

West, Owen:
The Mask

Wetherwell, June:
When the Century Blooms
Legacy of the Lost
Opal Street
The Cottage at Avalanche
13 Winston Street

White, Alicen:
The Traitor Within

White, Ellen Emerson:
Friends for Life

White, Ethel Lina:
She Faded Into Air

Whitehead, June:
The House on the Hill

Whitney, Phyllis A.:
Skye Cameron
Mystery on the Isle of Skye
The Turquoise Mask
The Golden Unicorn
The Quicksilver Pool
The Highest Dream
The Stone Bull
Black Amber
The Lost Island

Williams, Brad:
A Stranger to Herself

Winston, Daoma:
The Long and Living Shadow
The Inheritance
The Death Watch
The Victim
The Fraficante Treasure
The Secrets of Cromwell Crossing
The Vampire Curse
Walk Around the Square
Kingdom's Castle
The Trap

Wolfe, Ruth:

Wolfson, Victor:
The Lonely Steeple

Wysor, Bettie:
To Remember Tina



York, Elizabeth:
The Medea Legend


Zawadsky, Zaw Adsky:
The Demon of Raven's Cliff

Zumwalkt, Eva:
Masquerade of Evil